STCW Basic Safety Training

Training course:


The STCW Basic Safety Training is meant for all the crewmembers of a ship. For example for people that work in the commercial shipping branch, fishing branch or even in the private branch for people who possess a seaworthy ship.

Timetable:  4 day(s)

Certification: STCW (A-VI/1)

Validity: 5 years 

Requirements: A valid maritime medical certificate


1. Proficiency personal survival techniques A-VI/1-1

Course content: 

Delegates attending this course will gain basic survival training and what safety equipment you will find on a vessel under the safety of life at sea (SOLAS) regulations. And there is practical training in the pool in from which the delegates are expected to gain practical knowledge and understanding sea survival.

Survival Techniques at sea

- Abandonment Procedures

- Righting Life Raft

- Familiarisation of Survival equipment

Helicopter Rescue

2. Fire prevention and fire fighting A-VI/1-2

Course content: 

This course is part of the mandatory basic safety training for all seafarers with designated safety duties. It deals with the precautions needed to minimise the risk of fires, how fires are caused and how to extinguish them.

With plenty of practical training, and a focus on using fire fighting equipment with the use of breathing apparatus to extinguish various fires of size and intensity including casualty rescue in smoke filled enclosed spaces.
Our multi-storey steel fire unit will be used for live fire training.

3. Elementary first aid A-VI/1-3

Course content: 

Delegates attending this course will gain basic first aid training which is relevant to the kind of equipment available on a merchant vessel.

- Casualty Handling

How to use first aid equipment on-board

Resuscitation Techniques

4. Personal Safety and Social responsibilities A-VI/1-4

Course content: 

Delegates attending this course will gain knowledge of Personal Safety and Social Responsibility insight into life on-board a merchant vessel and code of conduct.

- Emergency Procedures

- Marine Pollution

- Safe Conduct Onboard


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