STCW Officer In Charge Of A Navigational Watch (OICNW) II/1

Theoretical courses:

1. Ship structure and freight transport;

2. Maritime English

3. Ship management

4. Ship maneuvering and collision avoidance (including introduction to Marine Diesel Engine);

5. Marine science (including "ship positioning and navigation", "Marine meteorology and oceanography", "Marine instruments", "electronic chart")。

6. GMDSS general service

7. English reading for GMDSS 

Practise training courses:

1. Ship maneuvering, collision avoidance and bridge resource management;

2. Listening and conversation of English

3. Cargo Stowage & Securing


5. Radar operation and application

6. Use of navigational instruments

7. Passage planning

8. GMDSS communication English listening and conversation

9. GMDSS equipment operation

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