STCW Designated Security Duties

Training course:


The STCW Designated Security Duties training (DSD) is aimed at all maritime personel, with exception of the Ship Security Officer, who is responsible for specific safety tasks. After completion of the STCW Designated Security training, the participant will be able to carry out assigned safety procedurs. The respective STCW  Designated Security Duties training certificate is valid indefinitely.

Timetable: 1.5 day(s)

Certification: STCW (A-VI/6-2)

Validity: No expiry

Requirments: None

Course Content: 

- Security services, including piracy and armed robbery. How to recognize security breaches and threats

- Security threat procedures

- Inspection of security equipment 

- Updating and check of Ship Security Plan

Unit 515, No.1050, Dongdaming Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200082, China