STCW Security Training for seafarers with designated security duties


Course Objectives

During the course delegates will gain and demonstrate to a level of competence enabling them to contribute to the enhancement of maritime security through heightened awareness and the ability to recognize security threats and to respond appropriately. The delegate will acquire a knowledge of various requirements and security levels , emergency procedures , contingency plans. Delegates will also gain a knowledge of  recognition , detection and techniques on security measures. 


Course Duration: 1 day


Certification: VI/6,Section A-VI/6,Table A-VI/6-1 STCW


Validity:  5 years


Pre Course Requirement All delegates must be in possession of a valid seafarer medical certificate issued  by an approved medical practitioner.


Course Outline


Maritime security policy

Security responsibilities

Threat identification, recognition and response

Ship security actions

Emergency preparedness, drills and exercise

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